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Your Energy Cooperative provides propane (liquid petroleum gas) delivery for home, farm and commercial use from its bulk plant in Grangeville and a satellite plant in Kamiah.

The cooperative’s staff provides professional installations, reliable fuel delivery and 24-hour emergency service.

Our business plan is to provide North Central Idaho with professional services and stable, competitive fuel costs.

Contact ICL&P at thye Idaho County Light & Power Cooperative office building on State Highway 13 or by phone at (208)983-0597 or toll free at 1(877)215-3855 for the following services:



The cooperative’s propane operations personnel are:

Rod Stokes, Propane Manager
Rick Lance, Propane Serviceman
Steve Hooper, Propane Serviceman
Dave Jarolimek, Temp Driver


Consumer Policies

Consumers leasing the Cooperative’s tanks will be required to sign a service agreement. The Cooperative will maintain service on a "Keep Full" basis.

Keep Full service will be available to consumers owning their tanks and electing to sign a service agreement.


Consumers on the Keep Full service agreement will be required to provide either a credit reference from their electric utility provider indicating an acceptable credit rating or make a credit deposit based upon the following scale:

Installed Tank Capacity Deposit Amount

120 gal. $ 60.00
250 gal. $125.00
500 gal. $250.00
1,000 gal. $500.00


Charged to all new or reconnecting consumers for setting and connecting a Cooperative’s tank to the consumer’s facilities.  Includes system safety check, certification and establishing consumer/billing records.


The Cooperative will require a safety inspection and certification on all consumer-owned tanks before the Cooperative will fill the tank.  A charge of $49.00 will be assessed for the safety check and consumer recordation.


The Cooperative will provide the first regulator and "pigtail."  The consumer is required to provide all facilities beyond this regulator and pigtail.   The consumer will be billed for time, material and overhead costs for any such work done or materials provided by the Cooperative on the consumer’s facilities in order to make connection to the consumer’s facilities.  This work shall be done only with specific authorization of both the consumer and the cooperative’s propane operations supervisor.


The monthly rental charge for a dispenser is $12.50.  The Cooperative will retain ownership and maintain the dispensers.  The Cooperative reserves the rights to place dispensers at its discretion.


Consumers notifying the Cooperative, in accordance with the Service Agreement, of a request to remove the Cooperative’s tank will be credited for the volume of fuel remaining in the tank less a 20% Stocking Fee.



Idaho County Light & Power Cooperative Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 300, 1065 Hwy 13, Grangeville, ID 83530

Phone(208)983-0597 Toll Free(877)215-3855 Fax(208)983-1432


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